Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

One of my hero's died today.  It was expected, but is nevertheless a sad day.

It is a moment for pause and reflection.

Time is short, every moment alive is a precious gift, but it is so damned easy to forget that simple truth.  The problem with an abundance of something is that one gets used to it.  One takes it for granted.  One starts to feel entitled.  Time works that way as well.  One gets lazy, and starts to loose focus, because there will always be 'tomorrow', because there have been so, so many yesterdays.  But no tomorrow is guaranteed.

I get the feeling that Jobs never lost sight of this fact.  He pushed, and kept pushing, and never stopped until he literally had nothing left.

Too achieve anything requires focus, and I think that is what in the end Jobs means to me.  Focus.  The following blog post I think captures this aspect of Jobs the best.

I don't know what Steve Jobs the real flesh and blood person was like.  So to me he is (and sadly now will remain) a mythical iconic figure.  A person I admire.  A sort of hero.  A man who proved with actions and results, what others only talk about, and showed what was possible.

I will miss you Steve Jobs, but in those dark trying moments of life I will remember your example.  Thank you.

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