Friday, April 13, 2007

Who won't watch the watchers?

Over on slashdot today was this interesting article

It seems that police fear having to comply with traffic laws (which it seems they are now no longer 'above' thanks to such tasks being handed off to Big Brother (hi bro!) ).

It got me to thinking about the good aspects to the relentless stripping away of privacy.

The major problem with an Orwellian 'Big Brother' isn't really the lack of privacy, it is the creation of an unbalance of power created by the disparity of distribution of knowledge.

If the records are open (the more open the better, which means of course ironically loosing even more privacy) then the 'safer' we will all truly be.

So I say 'hurray' for cameras every 10 feet that can see through clothing, and listen to our hearts beat in our chest. 'Hurray' for being electronically tagged. 'Hurray' for our bank records, library records, and phone long as I get to watch as well, including those watching me watch!

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