Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fist Post!

From time to time it is good to have a general house-cleaning.

With that in mind I've decided to invest in a new domain name and basically start from scratch all over again.

I think this is fitting given my decision to 'come back down from the mountain' and start participating again in larger society. The two modes of existence are very much different and a clean break I think works best.

In this iteration I've also decided to loose a bit of control of my 'web presence' so that I can move faster and focus on the fun stuff without having to worry about maintenance. I think my new mantra in this regard will be: do what I can given the limitations of the existing environment, be very conscious about how I'm spending my time, and don't spend time doing boring stuff.

Time will tell if I've gained any wisdom from the past. If nothing else I will hopefully make new and interesting mistakes that the future Matt can learn from. :)

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